Attend the Most Exciting SharePoint Summit Yet! – in Toronto this May

Are you reading this post wondering what SharePoint Conference to attend this Spring? Then you certainly don’t want to miss the SharePoint Summit 2013.

For those that missed the SharePoint Conference in Vegas last year and want to learn about the new SharePoint 2013 release, come to SharePoint Summit 2013 – Toronto!

For those of you that did attend the SharePoint Conferece in Vegas last year then I’m sure you’ll want to learn more about the new SharePoint 2013 release, come to SharePoint Summit 2013 – Toronto!

This year in Toronto, there is an exceptional speaker lineup with some of the top industry known SharePoint influencers and MVPs including Andrew Connell as the keynote speaker. 

SharePoint Summit 2013 is a unique training opportunity for your SharePoint team to help you and your people to develop more effective strategies for your company, learn from recognized professionals and greatly improve your expertise with the SharePoint platform.  Benefits for your organization include: 

          Learning about the SharePoint 2013 platform and its new features

          Understanding the power and potential of SharePoint

          Discovering and exploring the options for deploying SharePoint in the Cloud

          Improving your understanding of information architecture

          Understanding key SharePoint modules and how they can support solving your business problems

          Cases studies of companies that have implemented SharePoint solutions

          Discovering the best development approaches when dealing with SharePoint

          And much more!

I am speaking on: Designing Change – Triggering Cultural Metamorphosis


Register now while tickets are still available

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